Adventure Night Poster

Adventure Night was a HUGE success!

We are very appreciative of the help from Trim-Tex and Laurel BMW of Westmont for their planning and follow through! What an amazing event and thank you to everyone that came and helping us raise over $95K.

"I am overwhelmed with love for Trim-Tex for hosting this event! Joe Koenig, Katie Zornow, Karyn Finkle Newman, Patrick Womack and my girls Sarah Montgomery, Lindsey Limbers, Emma Adele Swanson and Michelle Calabrese Parnell for making this night happen! We raised over $95K towards our Lemons of Love Cancer Resource Center in Mount Prospect! So grateful for all of the donations, love and time!"

- Jill

From SevenOjoe Trimtex page... Awesome event last Saturday!!!! A big Thank You to everyone for joining us by coming or bidding online! You can order a care package for a loved one, friend, neighbor from 365 days, 24/7 ..............or just to make a small donation. Make someone who is battling cancer feel important and loved! - We love you.

Check out some of our events pictures:

2016 Gala Event

2015 Gala Event


Event Sponsors

Trim-Tex Drywall Products
Laurel BMW
Lagunitas Brewing
Revolution Brewing