Somonauk students celebrate Lemon Fest 2016

Somonauk students celebrate year of helping cancer patients

Friday, May 27, 2016- Photos and story by Katrina J.E. Milton,

In March, Somonauk Middle School fifth-grader Evelyn Hentschel shaved her head to help raise money for cancer with St. Baldrick’s.

On Friday, May 20, Hentschel and the students of Somonauk Middle School celebrated both the end of the school year and the end of their year-long fundraising efforts for Lemons of Love (LOL), a nonprofit organization based in Des Plaines that creates care packages for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

“I shaved my head because my grandma had cancer,” Hentschel said. “I did it in honor of her. Cancer and chemotherapy is really terrifying for me, it must have been even scarier for her. I want to do everything I can to support my grandma and other people with cancer.”

In previous years, Somonauk Middle School focused on one of the six pillars of Character Counts: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring or citizenship. This year, a Community Counts Committee was formed and selected Lemons of Love as its yearly service project.

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This video is about Lemon Fest 2016

Calypso Lemonade & Fall Line Motorsports visits Somonauk Middle School's Lemon Fest 2016

The kids get to check out the Race Car.

Lemons of Love was with Fall Line MotorSports and Calypso Lemonade at Somonauk Middle School to celebrate their year long service project for Lemons of Love! We are sharing Lemons packages with Kishwaukee Health Systems - DeKalb Cancer & Valley West Cancer Centers!

Somonauk Middle School's Community Counts program adopts Lemons of Love.

Lemons of Love has recently been adopted by an area Middle School for an amazing service project. Somonauk Middle School's (SMS) Community Counts program is a student-led committee that is focused on service projects.

The kids go to community businesses and collect as many exclusive donations as possible. These extra items are added to help fill our beautiful, handmade, tote bags with healing essentials like J.R Watkins Natural Hand & Body Lotion Scented in Lemon Crème (for dry chemo skin); Claeys Old Fashioned Lemon Drops (naturally flavored to hide get rid of the awful metallic taste); Dark Chocolate Acai (dark chocolate is nutritious and acai berries have antioxidants, fiber and heart-healthy fats); Organic Ginger Tea (for upset stomachs); a bottle of Calypso Lemonade; an LOL rubber bracelet, superhero socks, and a "happy" picture. SMS also collects monetary donations. Monies collected are turned around to purchase extra items for our bags.

To date, from October through December 2015, SMS has collected bottled water, Kleenex Packages, and Lemon flavored Lip Balm.

Thank you Somonauk Middle School!


"Support Lemons of Love by Shopping at AmazonSmile".

When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate to Lemons Of Love. Support us everytime you shop.

Mrs. Dani Miller's students tell us how they feel about Lemons of Love:

I’m glad Lemons of Love has been adopted by SMS. Our school loves to help to comfort cancer patients. My kindergarten teacher passed away from breast cancer and I would like to help motivate the awareness of cancer. Cancer can put you down but you can put cancer down.”

Alex, 5th grade, age 11

We are making a difference because we are having them [cancer patients] feel included and they are fighting like super heros.”

Macy, 5th grade, age 10

I like helping Lemons of Love because my grandpa has cancer. It feels like I am helping him and I am teaching him things like lemon heads are sour. When he takes his pills, he can’t taste but the sour helps him taste.”

Emma, 5th grade, age 11

Superheroes are not made, they’re born!”

Dylan, 5th grade, age 11

We are making a difference because we are making everybody feel included and feel better. Cancer has ‘can’ in it because we CAN beat it!”

MacKenzie, 5th grade, age 10

I like helping with Lemons of Love because people with cancer need to know that they are not forgotten. Cancer needs to be beat!”

Jessica, 7th grade, age 13

I’m excited for Lemons of Love because we get to help people that are going through cancer.”

Emma, 5th grade, age 10