Matthew McCorry

Lemons Of Love Stories Matthew McCorry Matthew McCorry Again, as a receiver and giver, Lemonds of Love gets two big thumbs up! “I’ve had the unique experience of being both a recipient of a Lemons of Love care package and a giver. I was hospitalized for a month after my leukemia diagnosis in late 2019. […]

Jacqueline Daly

Lemons Of Love Stories Jacqueline Daly Jacqueline Daly Jill you are an angel, thank you for my adorable Lemons of Love bag. I was diagnosed at 31 with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, my chemo regimen was 5 days in the hospital receiving 24hr chemo called EPOCH-R. On my first day, I’m sitting in my hospital room […]

Rollina Camargo

Lemons Of Love Stories Rollina Camargo Rollina Camargo Just that little something can bring a ray of hope and remind you that you got this and can get through it. Thank you Lemons of Love. When I was going through chemo in the beginning and came home to a box and not knowing who sent […]

Margo Carle

Lemons Of Love Stories Margo Carle-Jordan Margo Carle-Jordan Lemons of Love is making a difference in the lives of us undergoing cancer treatments. I loved my care package. I married the love of my life, Jim, in February 2014 and soon thereafter noticed that my belly was getting bigger and began experiencing abdominal pain.  I […]

Lauren Marie Kehl

Lemons Of Love Stories Lauren Marie Kehl Lauren Marie Kehl Thank you for the true reminder that no one fights alone. Being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer at the age of 31 is probably the most terrifying thing I’ll ever experience. After months of ignoring symptoms, because I thought I was too young to […]

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