Lemons of Love Joins in World Cancer Day

As World Cancer Day approaches, Lemons of Love is honored to be featured on the official World Cancer Day site. Founder Jill Swanson, also the owner of motorsports company FAST Cooling, started Lemons of Love in 2014 after being diagnosed with cancer. Recognizing the crucial role the motorsports community played in her journey, Jill initiated her “little lemonade project,” delivering care packages to support those in cancer treatment. 

Now, a decade later, Lemons of Love has distributed over 30,000 care packages. In the days leading up to World Cancer Day, race car drivers will host online fundraisers to support Lemons of Love’s mission of spreading love through personalized care packages, free programs, and ongoing support. We encourage everyone to join this cause and make a donation to help those impacted by cancer.

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